Friday, April 19, 2013

Workout Song of the Week: Jimmy Eat World

Taking it back to the early 2000's again with this week's workout song: Jimmy Eat World "Sweetness"

I've been listening to Jimmy Eat World since I was a preteen, and even now I still love to go back and jam out to the songs that perfectly capture that age for me.  "Sweetness" is a great workout song for all the normal reasons - it's catchy, upbeat, and high-energy - but it's also great for so much more than that!  It takes me right back to high school, back to when I thought I was a badass, and back to all the raw emotions I was feeling at that age.  It might not be this song specifically for you, but to adding a nostalgic throwback tune to your workout playlist can really energize you and also refresh your music rotation.

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  1. Here's my throwback exercise song, BTE's Juicy: