Friday, March 29, 2013

Workout Song of the Week: The Bravery

Sometimes all you need to get you moving is the thought of some rough sex.  This week's song is the perfect example of that sort of motivation: "Hatefuck" by The Bravery.

Passion and intensity is sometimes all you need to go that last quarter of a mile or lift that last set of weights.  This song is perfect for that since it's quick, upbeat, and to the point.  Overall message: violence can be thrilling and sexy.  The Bravery perfectly captures that lusty, heat of the moment, rough-you-up kind of sexual attitude that we all need once in a while.  In addition to the song's overall sound being great for working out, the lyrics are pretty scandalous, and sometimes thinking about getting sexy can be just as big of a motivator.  It gets your blood pumping and your legs moving, just what you need kick some ass in the gym!


  1. Wow. I really wish this post came with a warning before I sent it to my grandmother for her aquatic exercise class. Now she's all mad and wet.

    1. hahahahahahahahahahaha